Marmaris Holidays – Turkey

Turkey has a long Mediterranean coastline and there are many tourist resorts along the coastline. Marmalis is one of the popular ones among them. Pine clad hills provide backdrop to clear waters of Marmaris beaches, whose medley of green and blue tones is fascinating. It has a charm of exceptionally beautiful natural location. The sea is warm, crystal clear and perfect for swimming. The beaches at Marmaris are mostly crowded with sunbeds and umbrellas but there are some fabulous beaches within half an hours drive. Icmeler Beach which is a wider and a quieter beach is just 15 minutes away. Cleopatra Island is only a 20-minute boat ride; it is said that the soft white sand here was bought all the way from Egypt for Anthony and Cleopatra's honeymoon pleasures.

Marmaris is a hub from which you could have many tours to many historic sites. You can take a trip to Ephesus, about 240 km. away from Marmaris. This is probably one of the best preserved remnants of the Roman Empire; when you walk through the streets of this old city, the way people lived and the houses and buildings in which they lived and worked in the Roman Empire almost come alive. Many people find that even the likes of the Pyramids or the ruins of Pompeii will pale to insignificance beside the brilliance of Ephesus.

Go and see Parnukkale. You will never come across a unique sight like that of the so-called "Cotton Castle" at Pamukkale. The ever-flowing natural spring waters, which are so very rich in calcium, cascade down the hill; and as calcium reacts with carbon dioxide in atmosphere, it turns in chalk. These forms the famous travertines of different colors and shapes, in terrace-like forms, with pools and overhanging fascinating stalactite shapes. The ruined city of Hierapolis which dates back to 2000 BC lies buried here. The water here is good for many allergies, skin diseases, blood pressure, etc.

There are many other sites to visit such as Rhodes Island, the Ancient City of Hieropolis and the Marmaris Castle.

Marmaris is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. It is blamed for its unending nightlife in numerous clubs and bars stretching along the coast. There are many night beach parties you could join, or there are many Turkish Belly dancer parties organized that you may fancy. There is so much you could find to enjoy in this popular and famous tourist destination you will not know how time flies.

Marmaris Palace Hotel, barely 40 km. from the Dalaman airport, is a very popular hotel. It consist of a main block of over 150 rooms and over 200 small bungalows. This hotel is set on a pine forested hillside and enjoys a private beach area next to the Turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. All rooms have modern amenities like air-conditioning, TV, telephones, etc. The hotel has a large main swimming pool, a smaller quieter pool, a children's pool and a water slide pool with four water slides. There is also an indoor swimming pool which can be heated. Days can be sent relaxing, taking boat trips around the bay or exploring Marmaris. It has good sports facilities such as billiards, mini golf, tennis, table tennis etc .; it also has beauty center, sauna, Turkish bath, fitness center, etc on the concessions.

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Nepal – Travel & Food For Thought

Russian born, when I first came to Nepal, I wasn’t going to see the temples nor mountains that seem to capture the imagination of every traveler, and no, I wasn’t going for the food either. In fact, I was dragged here. You see, the first time Nepal caught me, was at the age of six, so the usual tourist highlights didn’t yet interest me. Frankly, Nepal didn’t interest me either. My mother and at the time her boyfriend were going to Nepal on vacation and to visit my aunt (mother’s sister) who had married a Nepali studying in Russia at the time. Though I do have a memory of the Nepal I saw in the 80s, it certainly didn’t leave on me as lasting an impression as the FOOD; for the little that I do remember, for the most part, had little to do with the Himalayas and Pagodas. My mother and I would later immigrate to the U.S. and I wouldn’t get a real taste of Nepali food, other than the occasional taste of achhar (a spicy Nepali pickle) or a rather “not the same” substitute Indian food, until I was 24 years old when the Nepali food, once again excited my memories and taste buds.

When I came to Nepal, this time in 2007, little had changed. My families view has been, that there was now more traffic, the cites were now more congested, but the core of Nepal remained the same. I loved it, but what did draw my attention were the tourists. Nepal certainly is more popular today, than it was then, and the flourishing tourist industry has sadly, in an effort to accommodate the Western tourist’s fear of trying anything new has obscured in my view the true taste of Nepal by making it too easy to abstain from Nepali food.

Not unlike the thousands of others that now come to Nepal to experience trekking in the Himalayas, I too ventured out to do the same. Granted, the area I was traveling through, the Annapurna Conservation Area, was the most developed trekking route in Nepal, but I was slightly put off by what I saw. The villagers that once only served traditional Nepali dishes were now offering pizza and Cesar salad among other typical Western items to accommodate the new age trekker tastes.

Maybe my views are different from most, but when I come to a country I wish to experience as much as that country has to offer. The people, sights and culture and certainly those that manage to achieve the above get a great deal of what is Nepal, yet at the same time, they are leaving just as much (pardon the pun) on the table.

I must say, that what to me is really close to fingernails on a chalk board, is the fearful tourist. I frankly fail to understand how people traveling thousands of miles to come to Nepal arrive with such fear of a bit of travelers diarrhea, which they will probably get anyway (treatable with simple over the counter medication and or over the counter antibiotics available in Nepal), that they dare not venture outside the Hyatt for a meal, all to miss out greatly. As diverse as Nepal is culturally, it is also just as diverse culinary. I think my aunt put it best, “the chances are, that the diarrhea that travelers get comes NOT from the Nepali food, but from the tourists asking a Nepali villager to prepare for them mushroom, sausage and olive pizza.”

I don’t know about you, but I trust a Nepali villager a lot more preparing what they know best and eat daily, much more than with trying to recreate Western food with intermittent refrigeration and ingredients “unnatural” to Nepal. Sadly, not everyone thinks alike, as I found myself, trekking along many dumbfounded travelers, who while on their trek, were questioning how they got the runs, after digesting a burger made from imported meat (beef or rather cows, are sacred in Nepal), swiss cheese and lettuce that got to their dining table along the same 5 day trekking route that they had just traversed. The moral of the story is, think with your brain, not just your stomach.

The issue alone, with not eating ethnic food native to an area would be of little importance had the problems associated with it been confined to frequent bathroom breaks for a passing traveler. Nepal is proud of it’s cultural heritage, terrain and scenery and especially its food but it’s the same “Eco-tourist” that comes to Nepal with notions of preserving all that is Nepal and “helping” the Nepali people (a questionable proposition as is), that is often the one seen eating the French Fires & Chicken Cesar salad for a meal totally unaware of how this affects the immediate (still largely trade based) local economy and the environment.

The extra preparation methods required in the preparation of these items certainly consumes more fuel, in an area where natural gas is often unavailable. If there is an increased demand for fossil fuels and uncommon food items, those materials have to be gathered or brought in from where available, increasing costs which eventually permeate through the whole economy.

Certainly those are not the only reasons to try Nepali food. The mere fact that it’s delicious, has a lot to do with that. With so much to try, it’s a puzzle in of itself as to why so many shy away.

Nepal sandwiched between China (Tibet) in the north and India to the south, has for thousands of years been the stopping point for travelers from both regions. With these travelers, came the food and the mixture of foreign influences along with local cuisine has created the Nepali menu but it doesn’t stop there.

If one was to visit a website dedicated to travel in Nepal, they would without doubt find there a bit on how culturally diverse Nepal is as a country, having dozens of ethnic groups, many with their own special food items.

There is the Newari, “sukuti” which is a delicious before dinner snack to have with drinks, featuring shredded dry meat (jerky), ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, salt, oil and some crushed green or red chillies for heat. Spooned out by bit into one’s hand, the dish is eaten like one would eat peanuts, or chips.

Of course, it seems that every country has it’s version of the dumpling. Called “mo-mo” in Nepal, it’s a juicy, traditionally round shaped steamed dumpling stuffed with an number of things from chicken, goat (mutton), buffalo to vegetables and potatoes. Served with a spicy side sauce the dish is a favorite among Nepalis and travelers alike and is offered at what seems to be almost every food spot.

When traveling near and around rivers, you are almost certain to run into another delicacy that if found out in the west, would give the fish and chips fierce competition. This scrumptious snack, is the “tareko matza” (bam) an eel fish, usually no larger than 25cm (though other dishes use much larger specimens) battered in spices, deep fried and eaten whole. Truthfully scary looking at first, they are irresistible after the first bite after a dip into a side sauce. The fish is such, that there are no inedible bones and the smaller specimens can be eaten as is. The larger, can be easily rid of the backbone by simply pulling apart the flaky & crunchy fish once cooked.

Served with almost all traditional Nepali meals, is the Nepali staple of Dal Bhat Tarkari. A lentil soupy broth is poured over rice and served with any number of vegetables and or in some instances some meat. Usually vegetarian in nature, the dish, high in protein (lentils), carbs and vitamins is an important source of nutrition in Nepal. The usual meal in Nepal is either Dal Bhat and any number of side dishes to spice up the meal.

Nepal, like any other country, is not short on street food, the most popular of which in this case is either samossa or panipuri. Samosa, is a pyramid shaped pastry stuffed with a spiced potato filling and deep fried. Panipuris are golf ball sized crunchy, flower based, shells that are stuffed with the same potato filling that after being dipped into a flavorful sauce are consumed whole. Those in love with corn can at any time find husks being roasted on the open fire, turning the corn exterior a sort of chard, and crunchy consistency with a softer interior within the kernels, they are rubbed with salt and crushed chillies if desired. There also “chatpate” is the mixture of beans, corn, and any number of other ingredients that are mixed with spices and lime juice and eaten from a cone shaped paper cup.

Whatever the meal, they all have something in common. Spice! Nepali cooks are fond of spices, which are more often then not just that, spicy rather than hot. Of course hot is never off the options list. The Asan colorful market in Kathmandu, is popular with tourists and photographers for the wide range of spices for sale there. From curry, fungreek, ginger powder, garlic, cumin, the precious saffron and whatever you hearts desire.

Food carries with it a lot of the answers of what a culture is like. Nepali food is no different. Within it’s tastes, textures and smells it carries history, reasons behind the Nepali daily life and many other answers if one was to simply look. There are religious festivals celebrated to welcome the monsoon season and it’s no wonder when you consider rice farming and the fact that rice is the Nepali staple. Life revolves around food, and cultures are shaped by it. If you come to Nepal, immerse yourself don’t be afraid to step out of your shell. Try the food it’s good.

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A Visit to Hong Kong

Many people choose China as the destination for their holiday each year, but with so many cities and many of the most famous tourist attractions and sights being spread out around the country it can be very difficult to know where to visit first.

It is one of the largest cities in china and is situated on the south eastern coast of the country. It really is a great place to start your tour of China and is certainly somewhere that you shouldn’t miss whilst holidaying in the country. Hong Kong is great to visit all year round with almost 80% of rainfall appearing in august making May-August the wettest time to visit.

When it comes to finding accommodation in Hong Kong you really are spoilt for choice, bearing in mind just how big yet compact the city is you will never be far away from the central sites and sounds or the major attractions. Public transport is very cheap and very accessible so getting around within the city is very easy. The majority of the city’s hotels are located in the harbour district and many new resort complexes are being built to cater for the ever increasing swarms of tourists.

The city is made up of five districts; Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, New Territories, Lantou and the outlying islands. Most visitors will enter Hong Kong via its international airport which is also known as Chep Lap Kok (named after the island it was built on). Those taking internal flights or excursions around the country will often use the Shenzhen International Airport for departure as flying to china’s mainland from Hong Kong is considered an international flight.

When exploring Hong Kong it is wise to invest in an Octopus Card, these cards are accepted by many different sources and businesses such as the public transport system and many convenience stores. These contactless debit cards are invaluable and can carry up to $1000 in value and are very handy when travelling though the city.

Throughout the city itself you will find many different attractions to keep all of your family entertained such as Disney Land, numerous museums and a whole wealth of festivals that take place throughout the year.

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Tourism in Germany

Dinkelsbuhl-Sinbronn, Germany

City description and overview:

Dinkelsbuhl-Sinbronn is located in the district of Dinkelsbuhl, Asbanc, Middle Franconia. The city was also known as the Siebenbronn and Siebenbrunnen. Located in the heart of Germany, the city boasts of a beautiful landscape, which is most suitable for tourists looking for hiking and trekking holiday destinations. The place also boasts of many historical places of interest like the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Peter and the former nuclear north tower. The place also has a lot of other activities of interest for all the tourists. It has a very well-maintained and high-tech sports center which has extremely good facilities for all sports. The sports club is known as the Sinbron EV. The city also has an active Horticultural Society for all horticulture enthusiasts’ tourists. The city also boasts of an aero-club which operates around 700 mts away from the main city. The Aero Club EV holds many adventure sports like parachuting, paragliding and micro lights training. The city also holds an open-air festival known as the Summer Breeze festival.

Weather and best time to travel:

Best time to travel to this part of Germany would be between February to April and from August to October. The months of spring and fall are the best time to enjoy the beauty of this place. The picturesque landscape is at its best during these months. One can also enjoy the open-air festival held every year in the month of August along with the wonderful natural walking treks and hiking destinations.

Erbach, Germany

City description and overview:

Erbach is located in the Odenwaldkrejs district, Hesse, Germany. It is a district seat which is located on the borders of the north of Michelstadt and from the east of Kirchzell. The city boasts of a scenic beauty that can mesmerize anybody to everybody. The city also boasts of many historical places of interests such as the castle of the Erbach Counts and the antique collections in the museum of the castle of Count Franz. The Erbach German Ivory Museum or the Deutsches Elfenbeinmuseum Erbach is the most unique museum in Europe since it exhibits the exclusive and the best ivory works of all time. The town also has a very well-established meadow market known as the Erbacher Wiesenmarkt. This market has a very well holds many horse-racing and other sports. The town also boasts of a very active and fun-filled nightlife along with many restro-bars and other such places for leisure activities. Some very famous people like Jessica Shwarz a famous actress and Serap Cileli a world renowned author.

Weather and best time to travel:

The best weather and time to visit this part of Germany is between November to March and from April to October. The winter season and the autumn season are the best weather to visit Erbach as the many of the historical places and sight-seeing places close down during the other months. The picturesque beauty of the nature can only be experienced to the fullest during these months.

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Hawaii Tour – Exciting and Thrilling

A vacation to Hawaii can be sheer fun if quality transportation and accommodation facilities are available. Hawaii has an array of assets to make your visit memorable. It ensures that the visitors’ plate in Hawaii is always full of experiences.

Hawaii tour is exciting and thrilling for anyone willing to go to different places of the island. Things to do here exceed what one would expect of a typical tourist spot. Hawaii provides an opportunity to enjoy some wonderful time, visit exquisite beaches and serene landscapes, and meet people from different cultures. Hawaii is a potpourri of old and new. While the exterior and life of the Hawaiians seem to be modern, people here are still imbibed with tradition and cultural values.

One of the must-visit places to visit while on Hawaii tour is Oahu island. The place has plenty of beautiful scenic vistas that resemble some of the best movie sets you have ever seen. That’s because several movies have been shot in these islands out of which Jurassic Park and The Lost World are the most popular ones. Due to the unique landscape of the island, tourists can have wonderful views of different places of the island.

For many tourists, Oahu is a wonderland, filled with charm and beauty. The impressive sea life and underwater beauty offer immense pleasure. Oahu offers plenty of activities which never allow you to get bored. You get to see serene aquatic life including an encounter with water animals ranging from sharks to dolphins. You can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, swimming, jet skiing, para sailing and wave running. People have immense pleasure riding the waves of Oahu.

For couples celebrating their weddings and anniversaries in Hawaii, an area that stands among the top destinations for romantic getaways – the term romantic vacation has a totally new meaning. Throughout the tropical land of Oahu, loving couples can enjoy long romantic swims in insular bays and coves, or hit the beach for aquatic fun in the company of other water lovers.

Some attractions in Oahu such as Iolani Palace tell visitors the meaning of royalty. It is the only one of its type in the United States. This makes the Iolani Palace a national treasure and a must visit place. At one point in time, it was considered the political forefront and property of Hawaii. The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, located in southern Oahu, is a must go to for all swimmers. It is one of the best known destinations for snorkeling. The bay offers colorful tropical fish, coral reefs and clear water. Pearl Harbor is the site where Japan attacked US naval base in the Second World War. There are several memorials here reminding of the most infamous date in the US history.

Hawaii is well-known for its accommodation and transportation services. Standard of transportation services is quite high with some quality transport companies offering excellent taxi and limousine services Oahu Circle Island Tour. Greeting the visitors at the airport, they provide quality services to groups to make them enjoy a comfortable riding experience from airport. Online booking of these services makes it more convenient to enjoy a hassle free trip. Using internet, you can visit some reputable websites and get a suitable deal matching your budget.

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Discount Bali Hotels Promises A Comfortable Stay

Indonesia is one of the popular tourist destinations of Asia and Bali Island is the most popular tourist area within the country. The beautiful Island is famous for its beaches, temples, monuments, and amusement parks. The island lies between Java to the west and Lombok to the east. The mythical island of Bali is diamond shaped which offers remarkable scenic beauty of the volcanic mountains, lakes and surrounded by the sparking coral seas. The popular tourist nation is well known for its culture, dance, art, sculpture, painting, leather and metal work and music.

Every year great number of tourists visits the beautiful island. There are various attractions which draw the tourists from across the world. Some popular attractions of Bali are Ubed Museum: here you can see the masterpieces of Balinese painting, Nusa Due: it is a popular sea resort, Batubulan: it is a remarkable sculpture art, Pura Besakih: The holiest temple of Bali, Pura Kehen: One of the largest religious complexes in Bali, Kuta: It is a popular tourist resort, Tahah Lot: One of the Bali’s most important temple, Gianyar: an historical small town, in past it was the capital of Powerful kingdoms, Gunung Batur: an active volcano, and many others.

To accommodate large number of tourist Bali also offers many luxury as well as discount Bali hotels room. In the Island tourist can get any type of hotel booking from luxury hotels booking to cheap hotels booking. These hotels provide facilities according to their grading. Some popular luxury hotels in Bali are Hotel Le Meridien Nirwana Golf and Spa Resort, Hotel the Laguna Resort & Spa, Hotel Nikko Bali Resort and Spa, Hotel Conrad Bali Resort & Spa, Hotel Bagus Jati Health & Well Being Retreat.

Hotel Aston Bali Resort & Spa, Hotel Alila Manggis, Hotel Damai Lovina Villas, Hotel Alam Puri Villas, Bali Spirit Hotel & Spa and Hotel Taman Harum Cottages are some well known cheap hotels in Bali. These cheap Bali hotels booking can be done easily through online service provided by the hotels or other reliable hotel sites. So book your discount Bali hotel rooms and enjoy the allure of this Island.

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Things to Do While on Holiday in Samoa

Samoa is known as the Independent State of Samoa and is a country controlling the western part of the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Samoa was considered as the first country to gain independence during 1962 in the Pacific region.

The country Samoa was included in the United Nations list on 15th December 1976. The entire island of Samoa is known as the navigator's islands. The country Samoa consist of nine islands and Upolu is considered as the largest and most populated island. The population of Samoa consist of 42,000 people. Samoa is home to some incredible sites, it is blessed with beautiful waterfalls which give the place a real charm.

The first important place to visit in Samoa is the National Park. The national Park in Samoa offers some of the best scenery, reefs, shorelines and rainforest. There are three parks located in the four separate islands. Lata Mountain here offers wild and remote forests with free-flowing streams and a beautiful coastline. This place has access to coral reefs and magnificent beaches. This park forms a line for the volcanic islands and provides road for the easy access to forests and natural wildlife.

The second place for holidaying in Samoa is the Tutuila unit. This place occupations the northern-central part of the island and covers the northern coast of the country. The road into Tutuila offers the largest mountain of Mount Alava towering at a height of 1,610 feet and provides an exotic view of the harbor and the coastline. This place provides a fine view of the Pola Island and is home to native birds and the flying fox.

The third important holiday spot in Samoa is the Ofu and Olosega beach unit. The white coral beaches of Ofu and Olosega are located sixty miles east from Tutuila and have easy access to the airport. This beach provides scenic views and an extra coastline for the tourists. Sunu'itao Peak and Piumafua Mountain are considered as the most popular tourist spots in this place. This beach has exotic views of coral reefs in this part of the Pacific.

The next important place of interest is the Ta'u unit. The sea cliffs in the Lata Mountain of the Ta'u are the tallest cliffs in the world. The coastline has an exotic astound view of the coast and the sea cliffs.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Old Faithful Yellow Stone. This is a place displaying the history of the early explorers, it was established during the golden days of yesteryears. It provides an outstanding insight of natural, cultural and scientific views and heritages of the people living in the country.

Samoa is a small country filled with reefs, parks, beaches and coastlines. Tourists find this as a perfect place for holidaying as it provides a sufficient and calm ambiance.

Samoa is now popular with holiday makers going on holiday on a family holiday and staying in holiday rental homes. Holiday villas with swimming pools and self catering holiday apartments are available to rent in Samoa.

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Applying For A Chinese Tourist Visa? Read This

China is one of the most exotic countries in the world. Traveling to China is quite fun as there are many tourists attraction in China awaiting to be explored by you. Applying for Chinese tourist visa is not a difficult task. However, you do need to pay attention to all the minuscule details, while applying for the Chinese visas.

There are several things you need to keep in mind, before getting your Chinese tourist visa in order to avoid any complication or delays in the future.

Check the Validity of Your Passport

The validity of your passport counts as without validports, visas are meaningless. Passports have to be current with at least six months validity. Moreover, ensure to have at least one blank page for the Chinese tourist visa.

Download the Application Form

Download the Chinese tourist application form from the website of the Chinese Embassy. Take a print out of this form and completely fill it as per the rules and regulations mentioned. Without your current photo the process of filling your Chinese visa is incomplete. The photo can be color or black and white.

Submit the Document at the Chinese Embassy

If you are getting your Chinese visa through visa service, expect the best. They deliver all your important documents to the Chinese Embassy, ​​take care of all your documents and guide you through the entire process. Moreover, they collect your passports from the Embassy with your Chinese tourist visas inside it. Their services are extremely affordable.

Typically, it takes 5-6 working days for the application process to be completed. Within a week's time you get your Chinese tourist visas. Getting a Chinese visa is faster and easier compared to study or work visas

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Why to Spend Your Holidays in Somaliland

Somaliland is an African country that is located in the Horn of Africa. The country observers itself to be the successor state of the former British Somaliland protectorate. The total area of ​​Somaliland is about 68,040 square miles. This country shares its border with Ethiopia to the south and west, Djibouti to the north west and the Gulf of Aden to the south east.

This country has some out-standing tourist locations and grand places to visit. Hargeisa is the capital of Somaliland. This is the safest and most famous tourist destination in the whole country. It has several museums that show the rich culture of the country. Tourists also like to visit its famous zoo logical garden that has various species of animals and birds.

To provide some visual delights to the visitors, Somaliland also has various bustling bazaars that allow you to get familiar with all the traditions of the country. From here, you can do shopping for your friends and families. You can find these types of markets in some other cities like Berbera. This city is also a famous tourist destination of Somaliland. You can find various lofty cliffs along with the coast that is really a breath taking experience.

For all those people who want to add a natural touch in to their vacations, they can go to the Puntland. It is situated in the southern part of Somaliland. This place has rich natural resources like green valleys, mountain ranges and many more.

Apart from this if you want to know more about the history of Somaliland, there are several other cities that you can include in your vacation. There are prehistoric caves present that help you gather knowledge about the history of the county. These caves have several paintings that reflect the culture of Somaliland.

There are several more places in Somaliland that you can explore and make your holiday more memorable. These places are Las Geel- it is famous for its legendary cave paintings from the Neolithic age. You can have a life time experience after visiting this place as it reflects the rich culture, history and present conditions of Somaliland.

There is an international airport in Hargeisa having flights form Addis, Ababa, Dubai and Djibouti City. After reaching Hargeisa you can hire a personal cab to roam around or you can also take advantage of its bus service.

Somaliland is trying to position itself as an emerging holiday destination. While not considered as a main stream holiday destination, it is making massive inroads to attract more tourists.

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Mexican Tourist Auto Insurance – Tips on How to Purchase Insurance For Mexico

Congratulations – you are embarking on an exciting road trip adventure to Mexico. You have your vehicle tuned and all of your gear packed, and now it is time to purchase your Mexican tourist auto insurance. Your Mexican auto insurance coverage decision could be the most important decision you make, but unfortunately it is often one of the most rushed and least researched decisions that many Mexico travelers make. Do not make the mistake of assuming that all Mexican insurance is the same, because the differences in insurance coverages and benefits can vary tremendously between Mexico insurance companies. Even though researching insurance coverage is not very exciting for most people, this article will show you how 5 to 10 minutes of research on the internet could save you thousands of dollars and many frustrating hours if you were to actually need to use your Mexico insurance to pay for a loss.

Use the internet to quote and purchase Mexican tourist auto insurance

The vast majority of Mexican auto insurance is now purchased directly from the internet. There are a number of websites that sell Mexico insurance, and buying your insurance from the internet makes a lot of sense for the customer. Would you rather wait till the last minute to buy your insurance at the border, or would you prefer to buy your insurance from the convenience of your own computer before you leave on your trip to Mexico? Most customers prefer to get their insurance taken care of ahead of time.

The best websites to buy your Mexico insurance from are ones that offer multiple Mexico insurance companies. This allows you to do comparison shopping through one website instead of filling out multiple quotation forms on multiple websites. One good Mexican insurance website with a comparison insurance rater will save you a lot of time and confusion.

Which websites can be trusted?

Before getting your insurance quote, make sure to look for a valid insurance license and contact information. Also, you may want to look for a ‘Surplus Lines Broker’ license number. A surplus lines broker is an insurance broker who has a direct contract with the Mexican insurance companies and is licensed to sell foreign insurance coverage within the United States. A surplus lines broker license is a good sign that the website is run by a company who specializes in Mexico insurance. If the insurance license is not a surplus lines broker license, this means the website is most likely run by an insurance agent who is selling through a surplus lines broker. This does not mean the products on the website are not valid, but you may not receive the same level of customer service as you would from a surplus lines broker who specializes entirely in Mexican insurance. You may also want to look for a Better Business Bureau listing and some sort of internet security approval such as Hacker Safe or McAfee Secure to ensure that your information will be secure during your internet transaction.

Mexico insurance coverage to look for

Once you have selected a website that sells Mexico tourist auto insurance, you will fill out the quick insurance quote form. Within a minute, you should be able to get a firm quote and begin researching the benefits of the insurance products offered. Remember, this will be a much quicker and streamlined process if you use a website that offers multiple competing insurance companies all under one quoting system (a comparative quote rater).

Look for a chart below or above the insurance prices that clearly explains exactly what the Mexico insurance limits are and what is actually covered. In this chart, you will want to look at the following categories:

Deductibles: The best Mexican insurance policies will offer fixed deductibles, meaning the deductibles will be locked at a set amount regardless of what the value of your vehicle is. Some of the less expensive policies will base deductibles on a percentage of the vehicle value. If the vehicle’s value is less than $20,000, percentage based deductibles may be fine, but when vehicle values get up in the $30,000 range or higher, the percentage based deductibles can get very high. If the website does not specifically list the deductibles, you should not use that website!

US Hourly Labor Rates for Repairs Made in the US or Canada: In the old days, most Mexican auto insurance companies tried to make customers repair their vehicles in Mexico. Repairs made in Mexico instead of the US were often much less expensive for the Mexican insurance companies, and many customers were unwilling to leave their car in Mexico, so the company got out of paying these claims. Today, many of the better Mexico insurance programs allow you to fix your vehicle in the US or Canada if you wish. The catch is that some of the less expensive Mexican insurance programs will only pay a limited hourly labor rate for repairs made in the US (some as low a $20 per hour). This means the customer would have to pay the difference in hourly labor rates out of their pocket. The best Mexican insurance programs will pay very high US labor rates such as $70 per hour or state that they will pay whatever the current US hourly labor rate is. These policies could significantly minimize your out of pocket expenses in the event of a claim. If the Mexico insurance website does not specify if repairs in the US are allowed or what the hourly labor rate is, do not use that website to purchase your Mexican insurance!

Vandalism and Partial Theft Coverage: Vandalism and partial theft (meaning only part of the car is stolen such as the tires, door panels, etc) is typically not covered by standard Mexican auto insurance. In the past few years the higher quality Mexican insurance programs have started to offer this coverage in their enhanced coverage programs. If you want to protect yourself against as many types of losses as possible, you should look for this coverage.

Liability Limits: This is the portion of the Mexican insurance policy that pays for damages you cause to third parties. This coverage is essential when traveling in Mexico. Most people in the industry feel that $50,000 worth of liability insurance is probably the minimum you should consider. Some of the best Mexican insurance programs will go up to $300,000 combined single limit (a lump sum for property damage or bodily injury damages), but it will also increase the insurance premium. Some customers wish to carry these higher limits to work in tandem with their US umbrella liability policies. You may want to ask your US insurance provider if your umbrella insurance will recognize your Mexico auto insurance as a primary coverage.

Medical Payments: This is the portion of the Mexico insurance policy that pays for medical costs for you and your passengers (people inside your vehicle). $2,000 per person with a total of $10,000 per accident is the lowest limit you should consider, but many policies will offer much higher limits. Some of the better policies will also increase this amount if you are hit by an uninsured motorist who is at fault. You may want to check with your US or Canadian health insurance provider to make sure they will cover you for medical costs incurred while traveling in Mexico. If not, you may also want to research an international health insurance plan – but that is a different subject.

Legal Service: Make sure your Mexico insurance includes legal service or legal assistance. This coverage will pay for any court costs, attorney fees, or bail payments that are a result of a traffic accident in Mexico. The service will also dispatch a legal representative to hold your hand through any legal procedures. This coverage is absolutely essential, so do not purchase any Mexico auto insurance that does not include this coverage!

Road Assistance: Most of the better Mexico insurance companies will include some level of road assistance that will cover towing expenses, flat tires, locksmith, and other services. This is a great coverage to have, so make sure this is included with your Mexico insurance policy.

Medical Evacuation: As the market for Mexican insurance becomes more competitive, many Mexico carriers are now bundling in extra special coverages to make their products stand out. When medical evacuation is automatically included with your Mexico auto insurance, it is an incredible value and convenience. This coverage will coordinate and pay for air or land ambulance services in the event of ‘grave illness or injury’. This means life threatening or very serious illnesses or injuries. Purchasing a medical evacuation program on your own will often cost hundreds of dollars per year, and can often have many limitations. The quality Mexico auto insurance programs that bundle in the medical evacuation coverage will usually cover multiple people in your travel group automatically up to four or more people. Make sure to look for how many people are covered by the medical evacuation. If the amount of people covered is not listed in the insurance quote details, you can assume that the medical evacuation may only cover the driver. Other websites do exist that specifically cover 4 or more people in your travel group, so it is highly recommended that you look for websites that offer this broader medical evacuation coverage.

Plane Tickets Home: Another great benefit that many of the better Mexico insurance websites are offering is plane tickets home in the event that your car is stolen or not drivable. This can save you thousands of dollars, and alleviate the nightmare of needing to coordinate your transportation back to your home from Mexico. If this benefit is offered, make sure to see for how many people the policy will provide plane tickets home. If plane tickets home is not listed, or the website does not specify how many people are covered, you should check a different website. A few websites do offer coverage for four people or more in your travel group.

When in doubt, call the website customer service phone line for help

The reputable Mexico insurance websites will encourage you to call their customer service departments if you have questions about the Mexico insurance. If nobody answers the phone, or does not call you back within a few minutes (during normal business hours), you may not want to purchase your insurance from that website! Most Mexico insurance websites are like ATM machines. The website is there for your convenience if you want to write the policy yourself, but you are also welcome to call the website customer service insurance agents and have the agents write the policy for you over the phone.

If you check for each of these insurance coverages and website features while shopping for Mexican auto insurance on the internet, you are guaranteed to purchase the best insurance for your situation. Five to ten minutes of research could save you thousands of dollars and hours, if not weeks, of headaches in the event that you need to file a Mexican insurance claim. Be safe, and have fun in Mexico!

Source by Jeff Nordahl