Larnaca – From Ancient Civilization To Tourist Destination

Legend has it that the first settlement in the area that became Larnaca (then known as Kition) was founded by Noah's great-grandson Kittim. At one time Kition was the principal colony in Cyprus, of the ancient civilization of Phenicia until becoming part of the Greek Hellenistic world.

The ancient site is at the north end of modern day Larnaca, with the earliest remains believed to go back to the Mycenean age (circa 1400-1100 BC). It was during this period that The Kition City Kingdom was established by the Greeks, and it enjoyed the dual position of being both a rich port and a major center of the copper trade. It is also alluded to, in a list of allies of King Assurbanipal of Assyria, that Kition was still a recent settlement in the 7th century BC. The discovery of an official monument of King Sargon II also suggests that Kition was the administrative center during this time.

During the Ionian Greek revolts of the 4th century BC, Kition led the side that was loyal to Persia and was besieged by an Athenian force in 449 BC. Relics from this sword can still be seen at Larnaca's ancient site.

The Byzantine period of Larnaca was of great importance. This period left many great monuments, including the 9th century AD Basilica of Saint Lazarus – a stunning reminder of Larnaca's rich history. The town regained its former standing during the time it was under Ottoman rule, when it became the diplomatic and commercial center of Cyprus, and it was into Larnaca that the British landed in 1878; thus beginning their rule of the island – a rule that lasted until 1960.

The more recent development of the city follows the fast development of the entire country. Larnaca's population in 1973 was just 22,000 but after the Turkish invasion of 1974 when 200,000 people were forcibly displaced by the Turkish army, Larnaca welcomed over 40,000 refugees, tripling its population practically overnight, adding another chapter to its history and helping to reinvigorate its growing reputation as a prime tourist destination, with car hire in Larnaca [] helping visitors discover the ancient site and monuments for themselves.

Being in existence from the early dawn of history, Larnaca has had its fair share of visitors over the years with the Greeks, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Venetians, the Turks and the British having occupied the land at one point. The visitors continue to come to the city to this day, with three million tourists entering Cyprus annually from Larnaca's airport, Port and the Marina, eager to take a step back into ancient times.

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How to Put an Army IRR Packet Together

Packet requirements, what you need to include in your IRR packet:

1. IRR packet checklist, based on Figure B-59 of USAR Pamphlet 600-5.

2. DA Form 4561, Request for Reserve Component Assignment or Attachment. Completely filled and signed by the Soldier and the Commander.

3. Your statement/justification letter and backing documentation. This is based on the reasons listed in AR 140-10.

4. Chain of Command Recommendation.

5. Cogent Personal Reason. If the specific reason isn’t listed in AR 140-10, it requires an exception to policy by your OFTS.

6. Counseling Statement (DA Form 4856). This is from the commander to the Soldier and is face to face. Are you in receipt of a bonus? This counseling statement must warn you about bonus termination or recoupment.

7. Counseling Statement (DA Form 4856). From the Soldier’s servicing career counselor to the Soldier; it’s also face to face.

Valid reasons for transferring from the Troop Program Unit (TPU) to the Individual Ready Reserves (IRR):

As a TPU Soldier, you can forward an IRR transfer packet up the chain of command. There’s no guarantee for that packet’s approval, or for your transfer to the IRR.

If you want to improve your TPU to IRR transfer chances, refer to the valid reasons listed in AR 140 -10, Chapter 4, Paragraph 9. If you have enough documentations, and facts, to support one or more of these reasons, include them in your IRR packet. This’ll help you make your case for transferring to the IRR.

Employment Conflict:

Let’s say that your employer all of a sudden can’t release you from the work schedule so that you can drill… as your absence would cause an adverse impact on your employer’s operation. Before, this wasn’t an issue. Your employer released you for a weekend, and was able to continue his operation. When they couldn’t release you, you were able to reschedule.

Now? Your employer needs you, on the days you need to drill, in order for the company to continue on with its mission. Conditions had changed since you started working with this employer.

Or, you’re in a company that restructures and eliminates your job. They move you to another part of the company. In this new job, you’re on call to go to different parts of the country, and your schedule is random. You’re not able to do rescheduled training. Your employer can’t spare you for any reserve drill without negatively impacting company operations.

These are just two examples, of which there are many, on how your employment could evolve into something that makes it hard for you to meet TPU requirements.

In your Soldier’s Statement of Justification letter, provide an objective picture of how your employment schedule makes it impractical for you to continue with the TPU. Include statements from your employer to back this justification.

Change of address:

You accept a new job within your company. It’ll pay you more, it’s something that you love doing, and it represents a move up in your civilian career. The catch? You have to go somewhere that’s two days away from the nearest Army Reserve center. Your employer isn’t able to spare you enough time to get to, and return from, the nearest Army Reserve unit.

In this scenario, you’re a TPU Soldier that can’t drill with any Army Reserve unit.

Or, you get a promotion that sends you overseas. Your job location is a long flight away from the nearest Army Reserve Center.

For something like this, you’d be able to submit a packet to transfer to the IRR. In your statement of soldier justification, include employment orders, employment promotion documentations, new job description, an objective picture that details your new job location, your new residence, etc.

Cogent personal reasons:

This is sort of a “catch all” to cover other reasons not specifically covered in AR 140-10.

What you think is a very good reason to transfer may not be what the Army thinks it is. You also have to see this from your unit’s perspective.

You’re asking them to release you, when they need you at the unit during drills and summer training. They don’t have a guarantee that they’ll get a replacement Soldier. You have to convince them to “sign off” on your IRR packet.

Let’s say that you’re “burned out” from doing drills. You just want to “sit around” in the IRR until the “burnt out” phase ends. In your unit’s eyes, this is a subjective reason. They could work with you to where you wouldn’t need to submit an IRR transfer packet.

In this example, your soldier justification letter needs to provide an accurate, objective, picture of how your Army reserve duties contribute to you being burned out. You’ll need letters from your medical professionals to help bolster your justifications.

Whatever the personal reason that you choose, make sure that you could provide an objective picture. Make sure that you could provide factual information from subject matter experts involved with your situation.

You also want to prove that there’s no other way to “solve” your current issue other than to transfer to the IRR. Before you do this, you have to exhaust the means to resolve this with resources that your unit could reference you to.

You completed the TPU portion of your contract, now you’re ready to transfer to the IRR:

As of this writing, everybody that joins the military, for the first time, signed an eight year contract. When a first time enlister signs a 6 year Army Reserve contract, they’re not just signing up for 6 years. When those 6 years are over, that Soldier has an additional 2 years of commitment. They can request transfer to the IRR after their TPU commitment.

This concept applies even if the TPU part of the contract was 3, 4, or 5 years.

Once the TPU portion of the contract is over, they can request transfer to the IRR. They have to continue drilling with the unit until they receive their IRR orders.

Surviving son or daughter:

You’re in the reserves, and pursuing your civilian career. Two years later, your last remaining sibling passes on. You’re now your parents’ only surviving child. This is an unfortunate event, but one that gives you an opportunity to transfer from the TPU to the IRR.

When you write your Soldier justification letter, include documentation proving that you’re now the last/sole surviving child for your parents.

Dependency or hardship makes it impractical to participate in TPU:

Let’s say your family situation changes, and you have to provide extra care and supports to one of your family members. This family member is someone on your dependents list. You don’t have an alternative care plan… nobody else could afford to give up a lot of their time, and sacrifice their employment, to help you out.

This dependent family member needs your presence. Without you, this family member’s welfare is negatively impacted.

Two examples of this category is an “assisted living” situation and a “direct support provider” situation. In these scenarios, a family member is unable to care for him or herself. The family member requires a soldier’s attention, supervision, and direct support to do basic functions.

Statements from doctors, social workers, case managers, and other related people should be included in this packet. Their statement should focus on the nature of the dependency hardship, and on the need for you to be consistently available.


If you’re pregnant, you may be able to transfer to the IRR. You have to be MOS qualified, and you can’t be within 3 months of your ETS.

Non selection for retention:

This impacts TPU Soldiers that have received their “official notification of eligibility to retire with pay at 60” letter. This is the “20 year letter.” By regulation, these Soldiers are subjected to a Qualitative Retention Board.

Prior to this board’s convening, the impacted Soldier receives a “pre board” packet. The Soldier is given a couple of options. If the board removes the Soldier from the TPU, which control group would the Soldier like to transfer to?

The Soldier could elect to be transferred to the retired reserves, or to the IRR. Should the qualitative review board decide to remove the Soldier from the TPU, orders will be generated transferring the Soldier to the control group that the Soldier selected.

This is also applicable to TPU Soldiers subjected to the actions of other types of retention boards. In this situation, a Soldier may have the option to transfer to the IRR.

Enrollment into a non-scholarship ROTC:

A “non-scholarship” ROTC program is one that offers the student a chance to participate in an ROTC program without financial benefits. These students don’t get a monthly stipend. These students pay for their own tuition, fees, and other expenses.

Soldiers that get accepted into this type of ROTC program can submit an IRR packet.

Merchant Marine Academy:

If you get accepted into the Merchant Marine Academy, you can submit an IRR transfer packet.

Army Regulation 140-10:

For details on each of these categories, and how to apply under them, read Army regulation 140 -10, Assignments, Attachments, Details, and Transfers.

Counseling statements from the commanding officer and servicing career counselor:

Did you get a bonus for enlisting into your current TPU contract? If your IRR transfer gets approved, you could lose the remainder of your bonus. Depending on your bonus stipulation, you could end up having to pay back the part of your bonus that you received.

If you’re receiving a bonus, you need to be informed of this fact when you submit your IRR packet.

This counseling statement should also inform you of your IRR responsibilities. The commanding officer will include any information that’s important to you. This includes the fact that you must continue to drill with the unit until you receive transfer orders to the IRR.

The career counselor will inform you of opportunities that are available to you in the IRR, including opportunities to reclassify and transfer back to the TPU when personal conditions favor such a move.

IRR transfer packet tips:

1. Are you on your initial contract, with IRR time following your TPU time? By regulation, you’re not supposed to submit your IRR packet until your TPU obligation is complete. You can submit your IRR transfer packet the day after your “TPU ETS” date.

2. After you submit your IRR packet, you have to drill with your unit until you receive orders transferring you to the IRR.

Don’t simply go by what somebody at your unit says. Some Soldiers have stopped drilling after they “completed” their “TPU years,” because they thought they were automatically in the IRR. This wasn’t true, they had to report back to drill.

3. Follow up on your packet. If HRC doesn’t get your packet, they might extend your TPU status to the end of your military service obligation. In this case, you’ll have to drill until your 8 years is up.

4. If you have unresolved medical issues, you have to have these issues resolved before you can transfer to the IRR.

5. IRR Soldiers still have obligations and point requirements to make. However, you could consider the active standby reserves instead of the IRR if you want to “get away” from the TPU temporarily.

In the IRR, you have to get at least 50 points a retirement year.

In the active standby reserves, there’s no requirement for you to get at least 50 points. You maintain your military affiliation, but you’re generally not required to maintain a good year. The active standby reserves is what most people assume the IRR is.

Additional References:

1. AR 140-10; provides details on the above categories as justification for IRR transfer.

2. AR G1 Policy Letters.

3. USAR Pamphlet 600-5.

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5 Most Common Problems Brits Experience in Spain

There are many destinations in the world to choose from. One of a fascinating countries to visit is Spain. This diverse country is a favourite tourist destination of various people across the globe. Britons, for instance, love to travel to Spain because it’s located in Europe and it boasts its historical background, rich culture, delectable cuisine, vibrant nightlife and friendly constituents.

Spain, however, is not perfect. It has many issues especially when it comes to its safety and security. Barcelona, for instance, is considered a hot spot for pickpockets and thieves. In fact, a recent report by shows that British tourists going on a holiday in Spain were most likely to lose their phones or suffer from food poisoning.

Out of the 8,000 visitors, they asked, one in four visits by Brits involved a problem, including lost money, food poisoning or stolen phones. Here are the top problems Britons encounter in Spain.

1. Street Pickpockets

The odds of thieves stealing your cell phone, wallet and bag is high in Spain, particularly in Barcelona. There are many ways to attract pickpockets in the area, like struggling with heavy luggage, appearing lost, handbags, holding a map or focusing on the tourist spots and not your belongings.

Pickpockets are rampant in crowded streets and tourist destinations, making the country a travel risk. So, if you’re travelling to Spain, make sure you take extra care of your things. Don’t show off your devices, phones or gadgets. Lastly, make sure you have a valid and reliable travel insurance. This insurance will shoulder or cover lost or stolen items.

2. Crimes

There is a high crime rate in Spain, just like in other countries. However, a majority of the offences committed are just petty such as snatching, theft, pickpocketing, occasional mugging and violent attacks.

Travellers can reduce the chance of becoming a victim of being cautious when strolling the streets, especially in crowded tourist spots and train stations. Moreover, you should lock extra cash, passports and credit cards in hotel safes. Go out and explore the city with only your essentials – your cell phone, a little cash and camera.

Lastly, never leave your valuables unattended at any time. Tourists are favourite targets of criminals because they know you have cash in you. So being careful is a must in Spain.

3. Heat and Climate

Spain can be very hot and humid. For older adults and young children, staying hydrated and ventilated is important. Avoid staying under the sun for extended periods of time. Moreover, make sure you rest in between tours to regain strength.

Heat stroke is a dangerous condition that might lead to potentially fatal complications. Thus, preventing your temperature from becoming too hot is important. Bring water, towels and refreshments during tours.

4. Scams of All Sorts

When you say fraud, Spain has all kinds of them. Tourists, like pickpockets, are the favourite targets of scammers because they’re gullible and easy to persuade. It is imperative to remain alerted and aware all the time, especially when you’re shopping or buying merchandise.

You can be a victim of scams without even knowing it. Scammers are everywhere from taxis and restaurants to local stores and the streets. Make sure you are safe, and you have access to help whenever the need arises. Before going to Spain, you should have a valid single trip travel insurance or an annual travel insurance.

5. Terrorism

Over the past years, Spain has been the target of terrorist attacks. Well, many other countries in Europe are targets too. To prevent being a victim, be extra cautious and avoid places that are very crowded. Avoid walking alone during the night and always register your name in the embassy before embarking on your itinerary.

Moreover, be informed of travel risks issued by the government. If they say that it’s not safe, then do not pursue with the travel plan. It’s better to be safe than sorry in the end.

Spain is a beautiful country that has so much to offer. Though it’s not perfect and its reputation with pickpockets and thieves is widely known all over the world, there are much more great things that make the country unique and one of the best choices to stay during the holiday.

Choose travel insurance that will get you feel safe and secure. Choose the best travel insurance policy to suit your requirements and to cover even lost belongings. Being insured is a way to make sure you’re safe, and in case, something happens during the vacation, you have access to medical transport, attention and treatment.

Source by Anna Stafford

The Top Ten Characteristics of a Good Sales Letter

With today’s rapidly crowding global market, your product or service will need more publicity and marketing so that your unique voice can be heard. With the thousands of advertisements on television, the thousands of posters plastered on both city and town walls, and the thousands of sales people all jostling each other to catch a prospective customer’s attention, is there still an alternative marketing method that could ensure your commercial success?

Believe it or not, the crowded global market can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. With more products and services like yours on the market, you will have to contend with competition, not to mention often hard sell marketing tactics from your more financially equipped rivals. Customers, however, are already saturated with hard sell marketing tactics – such strategies tend to make companies appear impersonal, and customers may feel alienated. More than ever, you will need a marketing strategy that will show customers that you care for their needs and wants.

A good sales letter is a viable strategy that you may want to try out. Whether you will send the sales letter through snail mail or email, a sales letter can outline the outstanding characteristics of your company, the products or services that you are offering, and incentives that may come with purchasing your products or services. A sales letter, moreover, is addressed to individual prospective customers. This personalized form of marketing can make customers feel special; if done properly, a good sales letter can earn you customers and widen your market base.

Before you set to work writing your sales letter, take note of these characteristics of a good sales letter.

o A good sales letter should catch attention even before it is opened. Catchphrases such as “Know how to get great discounts when you buy your PC” or “Save hundreds of dollars on your grocery shopping now!” can attract customers. Remember, your envelope has to be opened before you can make any prospective sale, so make sure that your letter is attractive enough not to be placed in the trash bin before it is even read.

o Some sales letters will contain jokes, puns, or clever language. Although this may make you appear playful, it will also undermine your credibility before customers who know nothing about you. The simpler your language is, the easier your letter is to read.

o A good sales letter should be personal. Address your letter directly to the recipient, and address the person by name throughout the letter. Avoid “Dear Sir or Madame” or “To whom it might concern.” Customers need to know that you care before they care about what you know.

o Email is not necessarily the best way to send a sales letter. Some sales letters are often placed automatically in the spam folder, where they can be ignored, and then disposed of without even being read. Because snail mail is becoming rare, an attractive sales letter can catch a prospective customer’s eye.

o A good sales letter should establish a company’s credibility. Do not be afraid to use testimonials from your satisfied customers, or quotes from famous people who may have used your product or service. However, do not overdo it: one or two quotes will be enough, three will be hard sell, four will be annoying, and anything more than that will make you appear either desperate or lying.

o A good sales letter cannot stand on its own – you should have not only good products and services, but incentives as well. If you offer incentives for buying your product or service, state them explicitly. Studies show that discounts as low as ten percent, and all kinds of free things appeal to customers, and make them want to buy a product or take advantage of a service.

o A good sales letter should not only sound good but look good as well. Use large fonts, and append your company banner or a picture of your company headquarters if you can. If you feel that this is not appropriate, then add pictures of your products, along with captions. Print your sales letter on high quality paper, and make sure that your pictures come out clear and crisp. A sales letter on rough paper, with low quality ink, will not speak well of your company no matter how good your products and services are.

o Provide contact information, especially phone numbers and emails. Be ready, moreover, to respond to each question your prospective customers will put forth.

o Avoid jargon and acronyms. Remember, you have to make your prospective customers understand you. If they do not understand any part of your letter, they will simply throw it away.

o Enclose brochures with your sales letter, along with tips that the customer might be able to use. For instance, if you are selling luxury cars, you can include the top ten tips when choosing car upholstery. Make customers feel that you care for them, and they will flock to you.

A good sales letter is challenging to write, but if written well, the rewards can be numerous. As long as you keep your language simple and maintain the credibility of your company, you will have the wider market base that you need, and the profits that you want.

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Watch Out For Tourist Information When Visiting San Diego

San Diego is a beautiful and cosmopolitan city that has a strong personality. It is livened up with some very evident multi-cultural influences, and has many Mexican touches and flares.

All of this combined, and so much more, has helped to make the San Diego area one of the top tourist destinations in California and there is a great deal of tourist information available to help visitors make the most of their stay in "America's Finest City . "

When perusing through the extensive tourist info that is available about the San Diego region, it is easy to understand why San Diego has taken on the nickname of "America's Finest City." The fact is evident that San Diego has something for everyone. Some of the most popular and well-known attractions are the world-famous San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Par, LegoLand, SeaWorld, Balboa Park and the Birch Aquarium, just to name a few.

In addition, there is an additional tourist information available about the other activities around the San Diego area that are popular for those enjoying vacation travel in the area. Some of these activities include harbor cruises, whale watching, riding the trolley into Tiajuana, soaking in the ambiance of Old Town, and shopping at Horton Plaza or Seaport Village.

Because there is so much to do and so many places to see when traveling to San Diego, it is a good idea to pick up travel guides that are available from the San Diego tourist info booths. If you do not want to go and find one of these informative booths, then most of the local area hotels will also have a nice selection of tourist info and travel guide pamphlets. Collect a few of these and spend some time looking through them so that you can map out each day of your trip.

When you take some time to review the tourist info that is available you will definitely be able to get more from your trip overall than if you do not have a good plan. By looking up each of the tourist attractions locations on the maps that are included in most of the travel guides, you will see which attractions are nearby to another one and this will allow you to get from one to the other quickly, so helping to avoid running from one part of town to the other.

Almost all of the tourist guides for the San Diego area will include advertisements, and sometimes even coupons for the special "Best Attraction Pass" that is available. By purchasing this pass, you will have free access to more than 55 different tourist attractions and activities that you would otherwise need to pay for in order to visit.

This pass gives you a great deal of flexibility and allows you to visit as many of these attractions as you have time for. You can choose a one-day pass or from various multi-day pass options.

To maximize the savings that you get with the "Best Attraction Pass," keep an eye out for vacation packages that include the passes bundled with hotel and air arrangements. Most places that provide detailed tourist information will also have links to some great packaged vacation deals that will help you make the most of your time and money.

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Europe Vacation – A Trip For Everyone

Geographically, Europe can certainly seem a long way from home, particularly if you live in the Oceanic region as I do. Americans have a somewhat better opportunity to visit Europe than we do because of the relative proximity of continental Europe, but, we hear the expression “the world is getting smaller” and it is certainly true as far as more varied opportunities with air travel become available.

The days have long gone where you had to depend upon one airline to take you from one place to another. Global partnerships seem to have alleviated all those problems and with the press of a computer key, into the fascinating world of the internet, we are able to book the dream trip without having to move away from the hot coffee our travel agents provide while compiling our best and most convenient itinerary.

I suppose it is true to say that being originally from the United Kingdom, Europe vacations perhaps do not hold the mystery for me that they do for some of my neighbours and friends. As far as I was concerned then, a Europe vacation entailed a fortnight in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal etc, etc.

This does not alter the fact though that a fortnight in the sun was still a very attractive proposition after a year of saving and the length and inclement weather of the English winter. It was indeed something to look forward to.

My outlook has changed somewhat I must admit. My last trip to Europe entailed a stop off in Germany, with a wonderful five day trip through Bavaria and back to Northern Germany and Frankfurt for a Saturday morning flight to England. This was followed by a couple of weeks touring round the “Old Country” catching up with relatives and spending a week in Ireland, the birthplace of my mother.

Other people would have much more exotic designs on European vacations. Rome and Paris I guess would have to be two of the most popular destinations on the European mainland. Not surprisingly, since both these beautiful cities have so much to offer. It may be said that you could spend two weeks in either of them and not see everything in the tourist brochures.

My next European vacation is taking the form of 26 capitals in the same amount of days. Hectic it may sound, but if there’s one thing to be said of a European bus tour, it’s that your only requirements are to be able to get a good night’s sleep, be not too deaf to listen to the tour guide’s information and make sure you make the most of the wonderful scenery that Europe has to offer – oh, and have a good pair of walking shoes!

The magic of a European vacation will never wane, no matter where you live now. But attraction to it, if the truth be known, is not just linked to Europe. We all know that many places in the world have equal beauty – if only we could see them all!

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Destination Singapore

Simply one of the most exciting metropolises to visit and a vacation destination beyond compare, this island country has and continues to enthrall millions across the world. A famous and thriving cosmopolitan city that it is, no wonder then that you’ll find plenty of cheap flights to Singapore. Whoever referred to it as the “little red dot” probably hasn’t seen the country in its entire splendor. Overflowing with diversity as well as multiplicity of cultures, language, arts and architecture, the country offers more than just a world-class living environment.

The ubiquitous collage of myriad cultures, different ethnicities and beliefs coexisting and much more, Singapore is easily one of the places to visit in Asia. It is an inspiring nation replete with a landscape populated with skyscrapers and beautiful parks and gardens, a stunning seascape, and warm and hospitable locals. A trip is to Singapore is exciting, relaxing, enriching and juts unforgettable, all at once. If you are in Singapore for a few days, you might want to extend your stay. There’s just so much to do and see here that most tourist come here well-equipped with a rather long stay. Singapore’s dynamic and oh-so vibrant art scene is a feast for the senses. Take a trip to several of the art museums, general and specialist galleries, and exhibition spaces for some dekko at the works of international and local artists. Explore its vast ecosystem comprising great bounties of nature and wildlife.

Take a tour of the rainforests and wetlands for an undisturbed experience, or simply walk through the beautifully landscaped gardens and parks on the island, they are one too many here. if you happen to be visiting Singapore with family then a trip to Sentosa is a must. Offering the very best in thrilling entertainment for the young and the old alike, it is a one-in-all attraction that is ideal for a family getaway. Make merry through DUCK or HIPPO tours, thrill yourself silly by doing adventure sports, go around the man-made island atop an open-air bus, experience exotic marine life, or party by the beach after sunset. The safest place to be in, Singapore offers bright lights as company even at 2am in the morning. Sometimes you want to be where all the action is, feel like being in the middle of all the hustle-bustle is. That’s exactly why places like Boat-Quay and Clark-Quay are big hits among nighttime revelers. A range of restaurants to choose from, a vast variety of discotheques, pubs and bars to pick from and the company of beautiful lake by your side, what more could one ask for?

Singapore is hugely popular not for the diversity in experiences that it offers but also the fact that it welcomes all kinds of tourists. You could desire a luxurious stay here or just make do with a cheap hotel and a cheaper car rental service, surround yourself with all the indulgences or be happy with stay in a bed and breakfast and all the freebies that the place has to offer. No matter what you want and how you want it, you’ll find it here.

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Tours in Paris


The Eiffel tower, the Notre Dame and the Louvre are the images that leap to the mind when one hears the name of the city Paris. For eons gone by, the city has been a favourite haunt of poets and artists from the world over. Reams have been written about the city’s beauty and charm. France, the country itself is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and its capital shines as the jewel in its crown.

The capital of France is one of the top most tourist destinations in the world (it was voted the best city in the first world to visit in a poll conducted by the Luxury Travel magazine). If you are looking to visit France, Paris should definitely be the first location on your itinerary. Steeped in history and culture, the city has, for ages, directed the fashion scene of the world and set the standards for fine cuisine.


Provence is a region of France that lies in the south-east part of the country, adjacent to Italy. The area was the first Roman province outside of Italy and thus was named the ‘province’ which changed to ‘Provence’ in French.

This region has been one of the most prolific wine producing regions in France (and if a specific region is pointed out in the country that is the largest producer of wine in the world, you know it has to be something special). But even so, Provence’s claim to fame is the long line of painters who have depicted the region in their work. Provence has been the adopted home for such luminaries as Froment, Puget, Cézanne, van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso, Braque, Marquet, and my personal favourite, Monet. With such an eclectic mix of artistes, Renaissance to post modern, bearing testimony to the bewitching quality of the region, you should definitely put Provence on your holiday destinations while visiting Europe.

If you are planning to visit France and want to experience the best of the country, you need a reliable partner who can arrange everything for you and make your vacations stress-free. Welcome to Paris Provence; it is your one stop shop for all your bookings for a trip to France. Log on to our website at and book tours, accommodations and airport transfers; everything that you would need for a trip to the cultural and gastronomic capital of the world.

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How to Make a Girl Come Quickly and Effortlessly

Imagine a sex life where regardless of how long it went for, or how hard you wanted to, you never reached orgasm.

It’d be pretty frustrating, right?

Sadly, that’s what about 70% of women go through every single day.

Many men are waking up to the fact that their partner isn’t getting the sexual satisfaction she craves, and to their credit, are seeking out a solution to the problem. However, many of you reading this article are probably still unsure of how to give a girl multiple, mind-blowing orgasms that she know she desperately needs.

That’s where I come in. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how you can make your girl come quickly, easily, and effortlessly, using a simple, idiot-proof three-step formula.

Step 1: Build Sexual Tension

With all that goes on in our lives these days, it’s easy for us to lose touch with our inherent sexuality. For guys, this usually isn’t a big problem – we’re so highly sexually charged to begin with, that it doesn’t exactly take a lot for it to awaken.

Women, on the other hand, are a whole different story.

As opposed to men, who are generally more sexually charged the longer it’s been since they’ve had sex, women work the opposite way. That is to say, they are at their horniest when they are having regular orgasms.

In order to make a woman orgasm quickly and effortlessly, we have to re-awaken her sexuality. We do this first mentally, then physically. The mental component is called sexual tension.

Building sexual tension, whilst easy when you know how, is a whole subject in and of itself. For the purposes of this article, just understand that it involves getting a girl’s mind to be receptive to any sexual advances you make. Ways to do this may include light touching, a certain look, saying certain things, flirting, and much more.

Once you have built a decent amount of sexual tension, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Foreplay

Being able to perform powerful, arousing foreplay is one of the best skills a man can have in the bedroom.

If sexual tension is the key to awakening a woman’s mental sexuality, foreplay is the key to re-aquainting her body with her sexual side. Again, there really isn’t enough room in this article to be able to reveal the secrets to amazing foreplay, but essentially it revolves around “firing up” her nerves and putting her body in a highly sexually charged state.


Step 3: Direct Sexual Stimulation

If you have built sexual tension correctly, and have given your girl amazing foreplay, she’s 90% of the way to having amazing, powerful orgasms already.

Having said that, obviously the actual physical stimulation is still extremely vital in making her come.

Again, unfortunately, there just isn’t room in this article to give a thorough and in-depth explanation of how to use the clitoris, G-spot, and vaginal nerve endings in order to satisfy a woman’s sexual cravings. We don’t have the space to get into a discussion of primary and secondary stimulation, or the multitude of “hot spots” that are part of the female body, or how to use mental stimulation in tandem with physical stimulation in order to give her powerful, mind-blowing orgasms.

What you have just read is the basic skeletal outline of everything you need to know in order to make a girl come quickly and effortlessly. If you apply this roadmap, there is no doubt in my mind that your girl will have the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Source by Daniel Scott

Destination Spotlight – New Zealand

If you're thinking of traveling to the other side of the world for your holiday you want to be sure there is something worth seeing there, right? Thankfully, with New Zealand, there is. Here are the top five places to go.

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is situated in the center of the North Island of New Zealand and is one of the countries most popular tourist areas. Over 1.2 million tourists visit the lake each year. It is the largest fresh water lake in Australasia and is and is approximately he same size as Singapore.


Napier is a port city in Hawke's Bay. An earthquake in 1931 left the city largely destroyed so it was rebuilt in Art Deco Style and is now a popular tourist attraction for Art Deco enthusiasts around the world.

South Island

The South Island is the larger of the two major islands in New Zealand. The island is hugely popular with movie-buffs as sveral movies have been filmed here including the Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

The Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands is located about 150 miles north of Auckland. The islands are great for fishing and boat trips and are also the ideal spot to watch dolphins swim. The islands are also historically significant as it was here that the European settlers first came. The first European to visit the area was Captain Cook who named the region in 1769.

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is the oldest national park in New Zealand. It was established in 1887 and was the fourth National Park to be established in the world. The park contains three active volcanoes; Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongariro.

Source by Russ Pooley